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Wednesday, November 25, 2015

Why Wind is The Future Energy Source of India

Now it's time to focus on Wind which is the current largest renewable energy source in India. Wind energy is a form of green energy that can be harnessed using wind turbines, which converts kinetic energy from the wind to electric power. With the help of renewable technologies, wind can be made use for our energy requirements in the areas like electrification, agriculture, fueling etc.


Wind farms (Arrays of large turbines) are used by many countries to harness electric energy from the wind as part of a strategy to reduce their reliance on fossil fuels. The smallest turbines are used for generating electricity for charging the batteries of boats, caravans etc. or to power traffic warning signs. For domestic power supply, slightly larger turbines are used

India has started replacing wind energy with conventional fuels in the areas of electricity generation, agriculture, heating or cooling of air and water, fueling motors etc. and our wind energy sector is growing faster than ever. Renewable technologies are suited to the development of rural and remote areas and it can contribute a lot to the poor and undeveloped countries for their rapid development.

Electrification in rural and remote areas is one of the major factors to be addressed for India's over all development. Harnessed wind energy can be used to fulfill these energy needs to a large extend. Our renewable energy markets need to grow strongly in the coming years and future to promote this energy source and its potential.


Countries like United States and China are heavily investing in the renewable energy sector. By investing in and utilizing the wind energy potential, India can go a long way through its developmental path. Depending on renewable energy can also ensure a significant level of energy security.

Our government needs to look closer at wind energy as a choice to replace other conventional energy sources. In a country like India, where one third of the population haven't seen an electric bulb yet, it will be a practical and effective  choice to depend on nature and utilize this friendly green energy to overcome the energy poverty we are facing today.

WindergyIndia is a unique digital platform recently launched by Indian Wind Turbine Manufacturers Association and it is the voice of today's wind energy industry. Its mission is to develop recommendation for Wind Energy among the general public and create awareness on the benefits of it. Even though the Ministry of New and Renewable Energy has set ambitious targets for the sector (aims to reach 60,000 MW capacities), it needs the support of the Government to achieve it.


The advantage of utilizing wind power over other energy sources is that it is pure, clean and harmless. Other energy sources like fossil fuels pollute our planet and cause numerous health problems when burning for power. Moreover wind power generates no emissions and repairs the damages fossil fuels have done for years.

We can make this clean energy within our own country, thus avoiding the economy flowing to other countries. It can also create job opportunities. Wind energy is the energy of the future and harnessing this sustainable green energy is a viable solution within the country to meet our growing energy needs. Support wind energy and help to create a pollution free environment for your loved ones and the planet.

Tuesday, November 24, 2015

Green Tea and Papaya Could Prevent Diabetes


Researchers at the Centre of Excellence Biomedical and Biomaterials at the Mauritius University concluded that green tea and fermented papaya are preventive means of diabetes.

The Mauritius green tea prevents an increase of sugar levels in the blood. Fermented Papaya helps positively reduce the level of the reactive protein C and the uric acid.

The results were very significant because they show a reduction of risk factors for diabetes and cardiovascular diseases without medical intervention

The researchers asked 77 participants who had reached pre diabetic stage to drink three cups of green tea before meals for 14 weeks. Apart from this 78 participants took hot water every day for the same period. Followed by a two week weaning period. Later all the participants were tested for the rate of glycemia and lipid, immune system, functioning of liver and kidneys, inflammation and ferrous toxicity.

We discovered that green tea reinforced the anti-oxidant defenses of those who had reached the pre-diabetic stage. And most importantly, the did not have any negative impacts.


Another group if 127 people participated in the study on the fermented papaya on diabetes.

Out of these 50 consumed two packets of fermented papaya per day for a period of 14 weeks. 77 others took two glasses of hot water each day for the same period followed by a two weeks weaning period.

Then they were tested for glycaemia, cholesterol, urea, creatinine and uric acid.
Those who consumed two packets of fermented papaya showed several positive changes related to diabetes risk factors.

The results further showed that when taken in small doses, the fermented papaya will help in the promotion of oral hygiene.


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