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Wednesday, June 22, 2016

Research - Physical Activity may Reduce Risk of Prediabetes Progression

Regular physical activity appears to protect people from progressing toward Diabetes

Prediabetes is an early stage of diabetes,in which all the symptoms of diabetes are not seen to label a person as diabetic even when the blood sugar level is abnormally high.A study was conducted to determine the effect of regular physical activity in people with prediabetes and it concludes that a certain level of regular physical activity may reduce the risk of progressing prediabetes to Type2 Diabetes. Read the Resrearch at Medpagetoday

Tuesday, June 7, 2016

Why a Critical Illness Insurance is Important?

Critical illness insurance has become more important as the prevalence of critical illnesses has become common. Critical illness insurance helps not just the patient but also his/her family members to survive the financial burden caused by having a major illness such as cancer, a heart attack, Chronic Kidney Failure, etc. Here are few reasons why you should consider critical illness insurance.
1.      High- Cost: Medication and hospital services are expensive. Especially while dealing with a life-threatening critical illness. This intensive level of care also comes with a high price, it is important that you are prepared to handle the financial burden after or while you are undergoing a treatment for critical illnesses.
2.       Savings can be hampered: Your savings may not be enough. You may have accumulated significant savings over the years but these savings may not be sufficient. Also do you really want to spend your hard earned money on critical illnesses? You must have saved it for a goal you always wanted to achieve. A critical illness is one of the leading causes of bankruptcy.
3.      Only health insurance may not be sufficient: It can complement insurance coverage you already have. Your current health insurance may not cover specific types of critical illness or it may cover only a limited amount, which may be insufficient. Getting the right critical illness coverage can supplement the health insurance/ mediclaim you already have.
4.      Family is also secured: If you have dependents to take care of, getting a critical illness insurance will help them be financially independent. They will not have to take loans or depend on your friends and relatives. The lumpsum money you receive can be used by you for medical expenses, paying EMIs, etc. Critical illness insurance provides that extra layer of financial security for you and your family when you are critically ill.
Now that you know how useful and important a critical illness insurance plan is, let’s understand it’s features:

It provides a lump sum amount on diagnosis of a critical illness/illnesses which a prelisted in the policy document. Some insurance companies only cover one critical illness whereas some cover multiple like 17 critical illnesses. It also provides tax benefits, the premium amount is not very expensive. Critical illness plan like Edelweiss Tokio Life – CritiCare+ provide a multi claim option also, where the policy holder can claim thrice and his/her premium amount will be waived off after the first claim. So God Forbid if the policy holder is detected with a critical illness the second time, he can still claim for it. This is how, a small annual premium amount can secure you financially against a critical illness so that you can solely concentrate on how to bounceback from a critical illness.
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