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Sunday, August 23, 2015

The WASH Program - an Initiative by Coca Cola in Association with Terry University and USAID


“Strengthening Water and Sanitation in Urban Settings” in short called “The Wash Program” (Water, Sanitation and Hygiene) has been launched in India by the U.S Agency for International Development and Terry University in association with Coca Cola recently. The WASH program aims to reach 50,000 beneficiaries in low-income settlements and 2,500 students (through 20 municipal schools across India).

Even after 68 years of our independence, only two Indian cities have continuous water supply and an approximate 69% of Indians still lack access to improved sanitation facilities. Drinking water supply and sanitation in India continue to be inadequate, despite longstanding efforts by the various levels of government and communities.

A report issued on September 2007 from the UN office of the High Commissioner of Human Rights, says

"It is now time to consider access to safe drinking water and sanitation as a human right, defined as the right to equal and non-discriminatory access to a sufficient amount of safe drinking water for personal and domestic uses—drinking, personal sanitation, washing of clothes, food preparation and personal and household hygiene—to sustain life and health. States should prioritize these personal and domestic uses over other water uses and should take steps to ensure that this sufficient amount is of good quality, affordable for all and can be collected within a reasonable distance from a person's home."


Access to sufficient clean and safe water for personal and domestic use is a human right. The right to water, places the main responsibilities upon governments to ensure it. Governments are expected to provide adequate basic living conditions like water and sanitation to each and every   citizens and it is supposed to be the main responsibility of the Government.

The lack of adequate sanitation and safe water has significant negative health impacts.  Inadequate water supply and sanitary facilities in family set ups could lead to dehydration and cause contagious diseases like cholera, diarrhea etc.  It will adversely affect the overall health of the family members. A survey of the working conditions of sewage workers in Delhi showed that most of them suffer from chronic diseases, respiratory problems, skin disorders, allergies, headaches and eye infections.

By Providing adequate water supply and sanitary facilities to each and every family, we can build a fundamentally healthy and proud society. Along with implementing the technological advancement programs like Digital India, Government’s focus should also be on providing the basic needs such as clean water to drink and proper sanitation facilities.

Several initiatives have been done by Governments and other organizations so far to improve the situation and still the inadequacy in this most important area continues to be severe. The WASH program is one of the latest initiatives by the association of Coca Cola with Terry University and USAID. Let us hope their efforts will reach out to the expected needy citizens.

Friday, July 31, 2015

Levitating Bluetooth Speaker - Review

Cool Levitating Bluetooth Speaker

If you think that most Bluetooth speakers look “kind of the same”, you are in for a big “wow”. In addition to playing your music in high quality, the Vortex Bluetooth speaker can levitate. Yes, just like Yoda in Star Wars, the speaker will float over its base in the air, adding an enticing design element to your working or entertainment area.

Floating on a magnetic field and sending out a wave of sound the Vortex consists of a magnetic base and a round 5W speaker that gently levitates above it. The round speaker is about 85mm in diameter and weighs no more than 300 grams, so you can easily take it off the base and carry it with you as a portable music accessory.

The "Vortex" levitating Bluetooth speaker comes with Bluetooth 4.1, a ten meter operating range, built-in rechargeable battery and a 5W round speaker. 

To make the speaker levitate, follow the simple instructions below. 

- Place the base on a horizontal surface to ensure stable levitation
- Connect the power adapter to the base power port “A”
- Turn the speaker on and pair it with your smartphone or tablet via Bluetooth
- Hold the speaker orb with both hands and carefully place it vertically downwards in the center of the base
- Move the speaker around until you find the levitating point
- When you feel that the orb is being held in the air and see the indicator light “G” light up (without blinking), slowly release the orb and wow your friends.

The levitating Bluetooth speaker will be an exciting addition to your office or home, giving you the chance to entertain yourself, your friends or colleagues with a sci-fi flotation stunt that brings a touch of magic to the seemingly everyday tasks.

Features the latest Bluetooth version – 4.1,

On the technical side, the speaker features the latest Bluetooth version – 4.1, letting you enjoy a fast and stable connection between the speaker and your smartphone or tablet. You can operate the speaker wirelessly within a ten-meter range and charge it through a USB port in the base, which can also be used for charging your Smartphone or tablet. With a 1500mAh battery you can enjoy several hours of music or chatting on the phone when using this futuristic speaker. 

At a Glance...

Levitating Bluetooth Speaker
Bluetooth 4.1
Wireless Range: 10 meters
Speaker 5Wx1
NFC Support

Manufacturer Specifications


Bluetooth 4.1
Wireless Range: 10 Meters
Speaker: 5W x 1
Built-in Rechargeable Battery
USB port in the base for charging speaker orb or smart phone
Frequency Range: 40Hz to 20KHz
Distortion: THD up to 0.5%
SNR: S / N about 85dB
Speaker Orb Charging Input: 5V, 1A
Magnetic Base Power Input: 12V, 1.5A
Magnetic base USB port output: 5V, 1A
Base dimensions: 150mm Diameter, 25mm Height
1500mAh Battery.
Around 6 to 8 Hours of Usage Time.

Micro USB

Product Notes

Battery: Built in


Main Product Dimensions: 85 x 85 mm (L x W)
Main Product Weight: 949g (293g+656g)

Package Contents

User Manual
Power Adapter
USB Cable

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